Drill Rod Bearings

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To provide a longer stroker crank that has more strength than the stock VW forging or any other aftermarket forged crankshaft, the 411 center main journal is required. For that reason all of the "Berg" forged cranks are made with the 411 center main to provide a stronger cross sectional area at the center journal. To maintain proper case strength, I use a special adapter bearing (GB 157) that fits the stock case and this larger crankshaft main journal. It is a steel backed bearing, as was the one it replaced, leaving the regular (steel back) split #2 main bearing as an extra. Gary, has been installing these split #2 bearings in the #3 location for years on all engines that use a 411 center main bearing crankshaft, having the round #3 bearing as the leftover. This requires adding a dowel hole in the other half of most cases at the #3 location so it will accept the dowel. A few cases have this dowel hole from the factory, but it is likely you will need to add the hole. Gary made a drill fixture by drilling through the pin hole in an old #2 split bearing, installing that bearing in the case and drilling a pin hole about a 1/4" deep into the case at the #3 location.
Extremely simple! This provides much stronger case and crankshaft support when using the split steel backed bearings in both #2 and #3 locations. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to remove or replace the cam/distributor drive gears from the crankshaft when working on the engine or changing main bearings. See LA CASE030 for adding dowel hole.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
Precision Brand 28054 Drill Rod Bearings -30 to +120 &de Needle Roller/A 60 mm 20200 lbf
Precision Brand 28074 Drill Rod Bearings 1.3120 in .6560 in 1/4-28 Grease
Precision Brand 28072 Drill Rod Bearings 2.1250 in 1/2-20 in 1.0310 in 9000 lb
Precision Brand 28073 Drill Rod Bearings Open Type 6.5 Inch 1.563 Inch 11 Inch
Precision Brand 28068 Drill Rod Bearings 1.7311 in Hardened Alloy Steel 0.251 lb 1.3780 in
Precision Brand 28067 Drill Rod Bearings Steel 3.98 lbs Steel Uncoated
Precision Brand 28065 Drill Rod Bearings 31.5 1.1 41.5 34
Precision Brand 28063 Drill Rod Bearings 215 mm 73 mm Open Brass
Precision Brand 28064 Drill Rod Bearings Oil-Impregnated Bron Click here SAE 863, FC-2000-K30 35000
Precision Brand 28060 Drill Rod Bearings 120 mm SPBL 1.65 N/mm2 x m& Plain Sleeve
Precision Brand 28056 Drill Rod Bearings Without Snap Ring 31 mm Steel 130 mm
Precision Brand 28055 Drill Rod Bearings Normal Duty Grip Tight Ball Bearing 212 Series Cast Iron