Plain Sleeve & Flanged Bearings

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Designed to be size interchangeable with bronze bushings, Babbitt bearings and “DU” style bearings. Highly compact design for tight spaces with Frelon® liners for high performance and long life. Integrated flanged bearing design combines standard bushing with a thrust washer, simplifying the design and reducing part counts. Bearings are available in many popular Imperial (Inch) sizes. Plane bearing design allows for simultaneous linear and rotary motion.

ID sizes range from 3/16” to 3”Static Load Capacities up to 31,000 lb (137 kN),Standard Shell Material is Aluminum. Stainless Steel bearing shells available.FrelonGOLD® is the standard bearing liner, Frelon J & Frelon W are optional.Self Lubricating for oil free operation.Wide temperature range:  -400° F/ 400° F (-240° C/ 204° C).Vibration Dampening.Install by press fitting or slip fit with epoxy
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